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Any vegan options?

Yes. A great avocado sandwich with vegan cheese

Are you open on Thanksgiving


How can i get my free pie

Sign up for emails and they will send an email for a free slice of pie for your bday.

Do you have chilaquiles


What time do they open

Lol like everyone else said 7 am

Do they sell sugar free low carb pies or cakes keto style.

It is best to call them first as they sell out quickly

So disappointed! I frequent this establishment quite often. Today the cashier was rude and cocky. My companion ordered a wedge salad and it was topped what appeared to be mayonnaise with a few bits of blue cheese....horrible. I won t be returning.

Sorry you had such a bad experience. I've never had a problem except for once at Thanksgiving and the manager was very polite and apologized. He made it right and it really wasn't such a big deal. And the food has always been good even the salad I ordered. If that would've been me I'd call the manager over to my table or at the register immediately nit the next day or weeks afterwards. Because then it looks like the customer wants something for free.

Do they sell other stuff too or just pies?

Coffee, jarred jelly , bread togo ,cookies -at their products section. Also, breakfast lunch and dinner served.

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